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My Top 10 Favorite Elphabas in no particular order: [1/10]- Idina Menzel 

Second Workshop Elphaba

 OBC- (October 08, 2003 - January  08, 2005)

OLC- (2006-2007)

Keep in mind this is all based on the audio and video recordings I’ve listened/watched. I haven’t seen any of them live. There may be still some Elphabas that I don’t know so feel free to tell me who your favorite Elphabas are so I can check them out if I don’t know them.

This is not a Wicked challenge, I just wanted to do these kind of posts for some reason.

Yes, I’m aware of all the criticism she gets from the Wicked fans. And I know I’ll probably get a lot of hate.

The reason why I put her first isn’t because she is “The Original” but because  she made me love Elphaba and I see Elphie in her. Her voice voice, while not really the strongest has an enchanting witchy quality and I think suits Elphaba really well.

Let’s go on to her acting. I think her acting is really on point and wonderful. She said herself that she felt she could really play Elphaba, and in my opinion she was absolutely right. I’ve hear people say she shows no emotion, but for me whenever I see her greenfield I don’t see Idina but I see Elphaba and that’s what I think good acting is. And hey she did a lot of studying and reading in the workshop so of course her acting would be great.

It was impossible to not talk about the appearance so I’ll just say that how she looks is exactly how I imagine Elphaba. That jawline, those cheekbones, her dorky smile and witchy cackle, her wide shoulders all remind me of how Elphaba.

In other words, I’m happy that she was in the OBC and that she won her Tony because she truly loved that role with all her heart. And honestly, while the others are just as great as her (some even better vocally) I couldn’t see anybody else as the Original Elphaba.

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